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In India if Minister passes all his Chamchas will follow him chanting his name, even their casual visits disrupts common human life in India.Our leaders think that is their Right, In India there is no way a common man or any official questions them. For security reasons if someone raises concern it will become an issue, his illiterate chamchas will take that as an advantage to disturb the common life.If the leader has Dalit tag then the issue becomes even bigger.

Thinking the same our Sports Minister along with his team of Chamchas visiting Rio got a Yellow card from the Rio Organizing Committee.The Minster's posse reportedly were aggressive and rude.

"We have had multiple reports of your minister for sports trying to enter accredited areas at venues with unaccredited individuals. When the staff try to explain that this is not allowed, they report that the people with the minister have become aggressive and rude and sometimes push past our staff

As you can understand, this type of behaviour is not acceptable. Despite previous warnings, it would seem that even today the same incident occurred at the Rio Olympic Arena (Gymnastics venue) and Carioca Arena 3," she added.
Should our protocol team be made aware of further examples of this type of behaviour, the accreditation of your Minister for Sports will be cancelled and his privileges at the Olympic Games withdrawn. We trust you will pass on this message urgently,"

This is comment sent by the Rio official to Indian Chef-de-Mission Rakesh Gupta.

I hope Mr. Vijay goel learns something and make other ministers aware of this fact their VIPness causes trouble for general public for whom they pretend to be a servant.First of all, I do not understand the credentials of this minister to be put in charge of sport.
What sport did he represent in India ?
Secondly, all he is doing in Rio is wasting public funds and enjoying himself. The state of sports in India is pitiful and it is extremely shameful that a country with this big a population is struggling for a single medal. Instead of resigning from his post this Minister along with team is enjoying in Rio.

Posted by:      Date: 2016-08-12

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