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India finished with just two medals at the Rio Games, fewer than the six medals it won during its best-ever performance in London four years ago

Olympic woman marathon runner OP Jaisha from India has alleged she was not provided water and energy drinks by Indian officials at designated stations.
OP Jaisha said she "could have died" after the women's marathon in Rio.
In Response to this Athletics Federation of India commented
"We could have provided water and energy drinks to our athletes but neither they nor their coaches informed us that they would need water and energy drinks separately."
Really!! What is the job of this AFI... enjoy in the beaches. Dumb Officials

Indian boxers were threatened with disqualification after they turned up in shirts which didn't have India's logo - a key requirement at the Games.

Sports Minister Vijay Goel was reportedly warned after some of his staff behaved rudely and tried to enter the venues without proper accreditation.

The minister received further criticism when he wished luck to Indian sprinter Srabani Nanda, but ended up posting the picture of another athlete, Dutee Chand, with his tweet.

The appointment of a radiologist as the chief medical officer of the Indian team in Rio also received criticism. Authorities, however, said that the radiologist, the son of a senior sports official, "knew sports medicine well".

Some hockey players complained that they were invited to an official function to celebrate India's Independence Day, but "were only given peanuts to eat instead of proper dinner".

Minsters and their dumb followers who went to Rio just to enjoy travelled in Business Class but players travelled in economy.

After Olympics Sindhu became rich by 20 Crores and the other players got nothing.
All junk state governments are now announcing price money for medal holders but no one will talk about other athletes who worked equally hard or about infrastructure of sports training. Simply grabbing an opportunity for their own propaganda and giving away tax payers money to same one individual.

Posted by: Vamsi      Date: 2016-08-23

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